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Although I feel she is an angel sent from heaven to save me from the most terrible time of my life, you provided the service to make it happen, and for that I thank you.

Therefore, I will not be in need of your service any longer and will be canceling my account.

Guys are ever complaining they arent great at online dating and expect to get laid after one, two lines.So this platform is definitely operated by bots which will spam you and suck your money out .Guys I was married to a Ukrainian girl for 10 years . All they care about getting out of their country, manipulate you to get a status (green card / passport) and then they will leave you and make your life miserable. All the 1 star reviews in this site are valid , all the rest are fake .But overall it was nice experience, my patience paid off, who knew I would meet the love of my life here, so happy.Thank for making it possible to connect with a lady so incredibly sweet, kind, attractive, witty, and down to earth it escapes even my most opportunistic dream.

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